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Vistara: India flight: “punched and spat” by Italian woman

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It’s now been two weeks since Italian woman Giorgia Meloni kicked and spat on an Indian Airline employee, enraging customers of the domestic carrier. The incident took place when Meloni was travelling on a Vistara flight from Mumbai to Delhi. She has now been charged with criminal intimidation, and faces up to three years in prison if convicted. In the wake of the attack, many are wondering whether airlines should do more to ensure that their passengers are treated fairly and with respect. This is not the first time that an airline worker has been subjected to violence from a passenger. In 2012, a United Airlines worker was violently dragged off a plane by Dr David Dao. He too later faced charges of criminal intimidation.

After she allegedly punched one employee and spat on another, the crew of an Indian airline tied an Italian woman to her seat on a flight.

After allegedly punching one employee and spitting on another, the crew of an Indian airline tied an Italian woman to her seat on a flight. The woman, identified as 45-year-old Maria Grazia Furlan, was flying from Amritsar to Mumbai when her altercation with fellow passengers began. “According to the police complaint filed by the victim’s husband, Grazia Furlan had been drinking and lost control after getting into an argument with two other women,” reports NDTV. The argument quickly escalated into a physical altercation, at which point Furlan is said to have punched one employee and spat on another before being restrained by crew members. Via NDTV: In a statement released through Vistara Airlines Ltd., Maria Grazia Furlan has denied assaulting anyone or engaging in any unruly behavior onboard the flight. She has also requested authorities not pursue any criminal proceedings against her. “Ms. Furlan regrets that she got involved in an altercation while travelling and requests the authorities not to pursue any criminal proceedings against her,” says the statement. According to police sources cited by Hindustan Times, no injuries were reported during the incident and no arrests have been made so far…

On March 22nd, 2018, an Italian woman named Maria Grazia Furlan was traveling from Amritsar in India to Mumbai on Vistara Airlines when she allegedly became involved in an altercation with fellow passengers onboard the flight. Details of what happened

The woman is also accused of “stripping and littering the plane,” according to the complaint.

According to the complaint, the woman was removed from the plane by authorities after allegedly “stripping and littering the plane,” according to reports. In addition to punching and spitting on passengers, she is also accused of abusing an Indian crew member.

The female passenger is said to have been “extremely drunk” when she got into an altercation with other passengers and crew members on board Vistara Flight 819. The disturbing incident occurred just before landing in Milan last Saturday night, leaving many passengers shaken.

When officers arrived on-scene, they found the woman bleeding from her mouth and her eyes bloodshot and glassy. She reportedly refused to cooperate with officials and was eventually subdued with pepper spray. Charges are pending against her as officials work to establish a full account of what happened that evening.

After a man was arrested in January for allegedly urinating on a female passenger, there has been an increase in the amount of misconduct by air passengers in India.

Air travel in India has always been an interesting experience, with people of all ages and cultures boarding planes to go on vacation or work. But in the last year or so, there seems to be an increase in the amount of misconduct by air passengers. This past January, a man was arrested for allegedly urinating on a female passenger on a Vistara flight from Delhi to Mumbai. The incident left her feeling humiliated and embarrassed, and she filed a complaint with the airline.

This is not the only case of misconduct on Indian flights recently. In December 2017, a woman was assaulted by three men during her flight from Jeddah to Mumbai. They pulled down her pants and repeatedly slapped her ass before throwing her off the plane when she tried to intervene. And in October 2017, another woman was spat on by a man during her flight from Hyderabad to Bangkok.

These incidents show just how risky it is for women to fly in India right now – even if they’re not traveling alone. Air travel can be an exciting experience, but it’s also dangerous if you don’t take precautions like never traveling alone at night or avoiding airports that are known for crime rates high enough that you would feel unsafe flying there no matter who your airline is.

Mr. Tripathi. He also denied reports in the media that said police officers said the woman was drunk.

The Indian woman who was allegedly punched and spat on by a group of men after she got into an argument with them on board a Vistara flight has denied reports in the media that said police officers said she was drunk.

According to the Italian woman, she had been drinking only herbal tea before boarding the flight from Pune to Delhi when she began arguing with another passenger about their seat. She says the man then called her a “slut” and a “whore,” which led to an altercation between them.

The other passengers then got involved, and according to the woman, one of them hit her in the face before spitting in her mouth. The 27-year-old says she was then dragged off the plane by airport security while the men continued to insult her.

Police have confirmed that they are looking for four suspects in connection with the incident, but Mr. Tripathi denies any knowledge of what happened. He also denies reports in the media that say police officers said the woman was drunk.

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