According to the prosecution, Brian Walshe searched online for the question, “Can you be charged with murder without a body?” You are allowed to by law

In the US, the law says that if you are missing a body, you cannot be convicted of murder. This is because the law presumes that a person’s corpse is evidence of their murder. This was not always the case, however. In the 18th century, the law presumed that a person could be convicted of murder even if they did not have a body. This is because the law at that time was based on the concept of ‘ corpus delicti ’ (body of evidence). Today, this legal principle is known as ‘the rule of body impropriety.’ It means that if you remove or tamper with evidence that would prove someone’s guilt, you can be charged with tampering with evidence and obstructing justice. If you are ever in doubt about whether or not something is an crime under US law, speak to an experienced criminal lawyer. They can help you understand what actions are illegal and what defences may apply to your specific situation.

What is the Law Regarding Murder Without a Body?

According to the law, there are a few circumstances where someone can be charged with murder without a body. The most common circumstance is when the victim is missing and is presumed dead. In these cases, prosecutors can bring charges against the person who they believe killed the victim. There are also a few other situations where a person can be charged with murder without a body, depending on the specific facts of the case. If for example, you kill someone but their body never surfaces, you may still be charged with murder because you acted with intent to kill.

If you kill someone without their body, you can still be charged with murder. The law says that the absence of a body doesn’t automatically mean that someone has been killed. In order to be convicted of murder, prosecutors need to show that you actually killed someone, and that the killing was intentional. If you can show that you didn’t kill anyone, or that the person who died wasn’t really killed, then you may not be convicted of murder.

Can You Be Charged with Manslaughter Without Killing Someone?

Under the law, a person can be convicted of manslaughter without actually killing another person. This is called “constructive murder”. To be convicted of constructive murder, the prosecutor must show that you knew or should have known that your conduct would lead to the death of another person.

The most common way that prosecutors charge someone with constructive murder is if the person searched online for information on how to commit murder without leaving any evidence behind. In fact, in Brian Walshe’s case, prosecutors say he specifically looked for information on how to commit suicide by cop and how to fake his own death.

Constructive murder is a serious charge and it can carry a lot of consequences. If you are convicted of constructive murder, you could face up to 20 years in prison. Additionally, you could be required to serve at least half of your sentence before you are eligible for parole.


Prosecutors say Brian Walshe searched online for, ‘Can you be charged with murder without a body?’ The law says you can. When someone dies without leaving a body behind, it is up to the authorities to find out what happened and put those responsible behind bars. If prosecutors can prove that Brian Walshe was looking for information on this subject before he killed his girlfriend, they could charge him with her death – even if she did not have a body to return to her family. This is just one example of how search engines can play an important role in criminal investigations – make sure you know your rights if the police come knocking on your door

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