Giorgio Armani: A lion in his winter years

Giorgio Armani is a fashion designer who has been active for over five decades. Over that time, he has made a name for himself as one of the most influential and respected fashion designers in the world. Throughout his career, Armani has had to weather many challenges, both personal and professional. In this blog post, we take a look at some of the biggest challenges Armani has faced and how he’s responded. From business ventures to public opinion, read on to learn more about Giorgio Armani—one of the most successful fashion designers of our time.

Giorgio Armani’s early years

Giorgio Armani’s early years were spent in a small town in the province of Alessandria, north-west of Italy. He was born on October 25, 1927 to Pietro Armani and Ida Righini. Giorgio always had a passion for fashion, wearing his mother’s clothes as a child. At the age of ten, he began working in his father’s tailoring shop. In 1947, at the age of 21, he opened his own store in the city of Turin.

In 1953 Giorgio married Lina Schiavello and they had two children; Rossella and Flavio. In 1974 he divorced Lina and married Irmelin Zschau-Richardson who died in 2002. At the age of 78 he married Francesca Grillo; they have one daughter Diletta.

During Giorgio Armani’s early years, he focused on high-quality Italian suits that were tailored to give an elegant yet simple look. His garments were popular among business people and politicians alike. In 1963 he released his first line of women’s clothing which included skirts and blouses made from lightweight woolen fabrics that gave a natural look and feel.

Although throughout his career Giorgio Armani has experimented with different styles, his signature look has remained unchanged–classic suits with embellished collars and cuffs paired with feminine blouses or skirts. He is also

The revival of Giorgio Armani

In this time of global recession, it is difficult to predict the future of any fashion house. However, when one considers Giorgio Armani’s storied history, it is clear that the house will continue to be in demand.

Armani has been around for over fifty years, and during that time has had many highs and lows. But even in his winter years, Armani remains a force to be reckoned with. The brand released its most recent line of clothing in September of 2009 – just as the global economic crisis began to take hold.

Despite the challenging times, Armani has remained steady and continued to release new collections. This past March saw the release of its AW15 collection which was inspired by Pharaonic Egypt. The collection was met with critical acclaim and helped reignite interest in Armani once again.

The success of the AW15 collection shows that Armani is still capable of creating high-quality clothing that appeals to modern consumers. Furthermore, it demonstrates that no matter how challenging the current market may be, fashion houses like Armani are able to reinvent themselves and stay strong


Giorgio Armani has had a long and illustrious career, and although his fashion line is currently under the management of Karl Lagerfeld, it is still no slouch. In this article, we take a look back at some of Giorgio Armani’s most iconic looks from his later years, when he was known more for his sophisticated style than anything else. Although he may not be as popular as he once was, Giorgio Armani is still one of the most renowned fashion designers in the world.

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