Officials in Ukraine are fighting to prepare the military for a Russian offensive with new Western weapons


With a Russian offensive looming, Ukrainian officials battle to train military up with new Western weapons Ukraine has been gearing up for the conflict with Russia by training its military with new Western weapons. Officials say that they want to arm their soldiers in a way that will give them an advantage against the Russian military. This decision comes as tensions between Ukraine and Russia continue to mount. Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered his troops to move deeper into Ukraine and has warned that he will not hesitate to use force if necessary. Ukrainian officials say that they are prepared for any attack, but they need the arms to be able to defend themselves. The government is hoping that by arming its soldiers, it will deter Russia from attacking and avoid a full-blown war.

Weapons Ukraine is Looking to Upgrade

Ukraine is looking to upgrade its military with new Western weapons, in the face of a Russian offensive looming. The Ukrainian government has placed an order for 1,000 rifles from a company in the United States. This comes after Ukraine canceled orders for 1,600 rifles from Russia due to concerns over Moscow’s involvement in the conflict in eastern Ukraine. The US rifles are chambered for 7.62x39mm ammunition, which is more common in eastern Europe than 9mm or .223 ammunition. This decision reflects the reluctance of many Western countries to sell weaponry to Ukraine due to fears that it could be used against civilians in east Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Military Struggles to Keep Up With the Russian Threat

The Ukrainian military is struggling to keep up with the Russian threat. With a new offensive looming, officials battle to train their military up with new Western weapons. Russia has been increasing its troop presence in neighboring Ukraine, and officials are worried that if the situation escalates, Russia could invade. The Ukrainian military has been investing in new technology to help them combat the Russians, but they’re still struggling. Officials hope that by purchasing these weapons, they can deter Russia from invading and protect their country from further damage.

Since the beginning of 2015, there has been a noticeable increase in Russian military activity near the Ukrainian border. In February, pro-Russian separatists took control of the town of Debaltseve, just north of the contested city of Donetsk. The seizure of Debaltseve prompted Kiev to call for international assistance in defending its territory. In response, NATO began sending troops and supplies to Eastern European allies bordering Russia.

This Russian aggression has put the Ukrainian military on edge. Officials have been struggling to keep up with the new Western weapons that are being sent to help them defend their territory. The Ukrainian army is largely equipped with Soviet-era weapons that are no match for the Russian tanks and artillery.

To make matters worse, Ukraine’s military is plagued by corruption and inefficiency. This has led to a shortage of trained soldiers and officers, which has made it difficult for them to fight off the Russian forces. It is uncertain how long Ukraine can hold out against Moscow’s onslaught, but until then, officials will continue to struggle with finding enough resources to defend their country.

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