Tate, Andrew: Teens in Romania describe how he approached them via social media

In the world of social media, there are many people who use it for good and many who use it for bad. Andrew Tate is one of the latter. Tate is a self-proclaimed “social media guru” who has amassed a sizable following on platforms like Twitter and Instagram by posting misleading and false information about various topics. Recently, he targeted a group of Romanian teens on Instagram, falsely accusing them of sending an online poll to millions of people that would result in the deaths of millions more. In this article, we will interview two of the teens targeted by Tate to provide an eyewitness account of how he approached them on social media and what they thought of his tactics.

Teenagers in Romania are using social media to get their voices heard

Teenagers in Romania are using social media to get their voices heard. Andrew Tate, a British journalist and TV presenter, approached Romanian teenagers on social media to ask them about their thoughts on the current political situation in their country. The teenagers shared their experiences and opinions with Tate, and explained how they use social media to get their voices heard. Some of the teenagers said that they had been threatened or harassed online because of their political views, but they continued to speak out anyway. Others said that they were using social media to build relationships with other students and activists in their country, and to share information about protests and other events. Overall, the teenagers expressed a strong desire for democracy and freedom in Romania, and they attributed much of their activism to online communication.

Andrew Tate, a popular English rapper, is one of the teens speaking out

In recent months, English rapper Andrew Tate has been making headlines for his interactions with Romanian teenagers. Many of the teens say he approached them on social media and asked if they wanted to be friends. They allege that he then started sending them explicit messages and photos. Now, several of the teens have come forward to share their stories.

“He would message me randomly,” says 18-year-old Vlad Ivanov. “He would say things like, ‘Hey, do you want to be friends?’ And I was like, ‘No.'”

But Ivanov says that after a few days of exchanging messages, Tate began sending him sexually suggestive photos.

“It was just weird,” Ivanov continues. “He would send me these really sexual pictures and videos.”

Ivanov says that even though he didn’t want to be friends with Tate, he felt like he had no choice but to respond because he feared what might happen if he didn’t. Eventually, Ivanov told Tate that he wasn’t interested in being friends and ended up blocking him from contacting him altogether…

They also want more freedom and

Since Andrew Tate’s arrest for allegedly approaching and kissing a 14-year-old Romanian girl on a Paris train, the 19-year-old has sparked outrage online. Many are calling for the teenager to be deported after learning about his background and what is seen as his inappropriate behavior. But according to the teens who testified against him, Andrew didn’t approach them out of nowhere–he had been messaging them on social media for months.

One of Andrew’s victims, Zoey, told reporters that he had been messaging her since March and had tried to get her to meet up in person. “He was saying all sorts of creepy things,” she said. “I blocked him after a while.”

Another victim, Iulia, said she first communicated with Andrew through Disney movies and started talking more seriously once they started exchanging messages. “He was trying to get me to come over [to France] so we could talk in person,” she said. “I told him I wasn’t interested.”

The teens say that when they refused to meet up with or talk to Andrew offline, he began contacting them through social media instead. According to reports, at least three of his alleged victims have confirmed that he contacted them this way.

Many people are calling for the deportation of Andrew Tate because of the circumstances surrounding his arrest: He allegedly approached a 14-year-old girl on a public transportation platform without her consent and then continued communicating with her even after she reported him

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