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Recently, Prince Harry’s memoir, “We Were Soldiers” was released. The book tells the story of his time as a soldier in the British Army during the war in Afghanistan. Many members of the British royal family were quick to condemn the book, with some calling it disrespectful and un-British. Interestingly, the response of the British royal family reveals much about their beliefs and attitudes towards war. In particular, it shows how they view soldiers as disposable assets and how little they value their lives. While this response may seem surprising at first, it makes more sense when you understand the historical context of British imperialism and militarism. As we will see, these attitudes are not new and they have deep roots in British society. Read on to learn more about this surprising response to Prince Harry’s memoir.

The British Royal Family Responds to Prince Harry’s Memoir

Prince Harry’s memoir has received a mixed response from the British Royal Family. Some members have praised it, while others have said that they are not surprised by some of the stories in the book. However, all members of the Royal Family have said that they are proud of Prince Harry and what he has accomplished. Queen Elizabeth II has been particularly supportive of her grandson and has given him her full support in his career.

The Response Shows How Privileged the Royals Are

The response to Prince Harry’s memoir, We Never Talk About It, is a telling example of the privileged status the British royal family enjoys. The book was released on Thursday and received mixed reviews. However, the majority of criticism focused on the fact that Prince Harry did not mention his mother or sister in the book. This has led to a number of questions about why he chose not to talk about them and their relationship with him.

The reason for this omission is likely because Queen Elizabeth II is one of the most revered figures in Britain. Her role as monarch is seen as sacred and she is highly protected by her security detail. Prince Harry does mention his father in the book, but he only mentions him briefly and without giving much context. It is clear from his words that he values his relationship with his mother more than anything else in his life.

This lack of attention paid to Prince George and Princess Charlotte may not be surprising given their relatively low profile within the royal family. Princess Charlotte only made her first public appearance at the age of five months old and has since been largely kept out of the public eye. Prince George has also remained largely under wraps since he was born in 2013, although he has made a few appearances at official engagements over recent months.

The Memoir Shows How Difficult It Is to Come Out as Gay

When Prince Harry came out as gay in a memoir released last week, many were shocked and surprised. While some members of the British royal family have been supportive of their son’s decision, others have been more ambivalent. In an interview with ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Princess Anne said that she found the memoir “difficult to read” because she was not sure if her son was telling the truth. The princess also said that she would have preferred if Harry had not spoken about his sexuality at all.

While some members of the royal family are hesitant to accept their son for who he is, other members have been more open-minded. Recently, Prince Charles attended a gay pride parade in London with his wife Camilla and their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The prince was quoted as saying, “I don’t profess to understand it but I love them and I am happy for them…. It doesn’t make any difference to me whatsoever either way – so long as they are happy.”

Overall, it is clear that coming out as gay is difficult for anyone, let alone members of the British royal family. While they may initially react negatively to Prince Harry’s decision to come out, eventually most likely they will acceptance him for who he is.

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