What We Loved, Hated And Thought Were The Highlights Of All American Season 4

We’re just a few weeks away from the end of American Season 4, and we can’t help but reflect on everything that’s happened. From dramatic betrayals to poignant moments, there was so much to love this season. Here are some of our favorite highlights: -The thrilling race to find the Keating Five tapes – Peggy finding her voice as Acting Director – Bobby going off the deep end – Ted coming out of his shell – Ryan being Ryan – Pete finally making a move on Anna

What We Loved

1. We loved the emotional roller coaster that was All American Season. From the first episode until the last, there was always something new and exciting happening.
2. The relationships between the characters were some of our favorite parts of the show. Watching them evolve and change over time was very enjoyable.
3. The conflicts that arose throughout the season were also great to watch unfold. It was interesting to see how everyone reacted to each other, and who ultimately won and lost in certain situations.
4. The performances by all of the cast were top-notch, which made watching everything unfold even more exciting.
5. Overall, we thought All American Season was a fantastic watch and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year!


1. Hated

The biggest thing we hated about the All-American season was the lack of competition. We just wanted more teams in the bracket and more games to watch. There were some highlights though, like Kentucky finally losing to a non-conference opponent, or Duke being upset by UNLV.

Thought Were The Highlights

1. We loved the return of the All-American Rejects and their new music!
2. Hated when Ryder Benton was given the boot from the show, but we’re glad he’s still around to make occasional appearances!
3. Thought were the highlights of all American Season 1 included:
a) The return of the All-American Rejects and their new music!
b) The rift between Cody and Ryder Benton that led to Ryder’s departure from the show
c) The shocking elimination of Raven Lane during Episode 5

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